Dan Deacon – True Thrush

July 19, 2012 by  

Dan Deacon teams up with director Ben O’Brien to give us this conceptual and visually thrilling video for ‘True Thrush’. It’s based on one team after another attempting to recreate, totally from memory, a 13-second scene they’re shown only once. Like a whispered ‘telephone’, each couple then has to re-enact as much of the scene as possible and build as close to an identical set at they can.?As one would imagine, the results spiral into a bit of a chaotic shambles, set to the song’s dynamic build.

”True Thrush’ is the first single off album America, and both are due out on August 27th 2012 via Domino Records. Dan Deacon also heads to UK shores to play three dates in September, details on which can be seen below:

September 26th? – ?London – Scala

September 28th? – ?Manchester – Islington Mill

September 29th? – ?Brighton – The Haunt