Young the Giant – My Body (Young & Lost Club)

April 13, 2011 by  

Ten seconds into your third listen of this track and the tide starts to turn in the favour of Young the Giant. Well, that is if you like your melodic American anthems, otherwise it’s just another Newport Beach guitar band on the warpath with a big tune out in time for the schools to break up, but…with June is just around the corner, I guess we can afford to let ourselves go a little.

And luckily, for all you chancers, a few listens to ‘My Body’ and yes, it grows surprisingly well. Big bass and thundering drum beats keep the pace, it’s melodic, catchy and after a while it starts to become one of those tracks that Brandon Flowers could have written for ‘Sam’s Town’. In fact, it’s the song he should have written for it.

Young the Giant sound like the kind of band that could be huge in the UK with the right amount of commercial radio exposure and just a bit of luck. Creatively, they seem to be skipping a few chapters which leaves you questioning exactly how far they can take this. They already have the stamp of a band who won’t break the oh-so common cycle of following in the footsteps of other Yankee outcasts Kings of Leon and The Killers, whose distinctively non-American sound holds mass appeal almost everywhere in the free world but has to invoke the ghost of Christopher Columbus just to be seen on the radar in their homeland.

If nothing else it will appeal to those who thought the new Foo Fighters album was a little too “loud” for their liking.

Do remember though, that summer is on the doorstep and the BBC is going to need a song for their festival coverage ads, no doubt. Maybe this isn’t quite what they’re looking for but even Auntie is has to be getting bored of Nu-Rave now? Ultimately, “My Body” seems like one of those tracks that will take its creator absolutely nowhere, but I’m sure that we’ll all have heard far worse than this. And remember, anything is better than another Green Day rock-opera, right?