Wolfmother ? New Moon Rising (Modular) 12/10/2009

October 16, 2009 by  


It?s been four years since Australian sleazemongers Wolfmother last assaulted our ears with their Zepp-heavy mayhem. And it?s great to have them back!

New Moon Rising is the first single off new album album Cosmic Egg, due for release later this month. If this single is anything to go by, Cosmic Egg is going to be another helping of breathless, maniacal fun.

Nothing much has changed sound-wise. Crunching guitar riffs, ear-splitting percussion and piercing vocals, pitched with such abandon, that it?s difficult not to join in on the first listen. Ok, the lyrics are also familiar; lots of references to a wanton young lady and the man who?s gonna have her, are mixed references to lunar activity. Very Robert Plant.

But, to be honest, we don?t like Wolfmother for the intricacies of their melodies, or for insight into the bleak realities of the human condition. We like them because there?s a part of everyone that wants to crowbar themselves into a pair of leather trousers and throw themselves around a stage like banshee!

Listening to New Moon Rising gets you one step closer to that dream?


Liam Clune