Why? ? Sod in the Seed (City Slang)

August 23, 2012 by  

Released just ahead of forthcoming full length Mumps, etc, Why??s Sod in the Seed EP is a welcome return from the Cincinnati based band after a three year absence.

Opening with the EP?s self titled track and the only one to make it onto the upcoming album, the track is one of the band?s strongest to date, finding front man Yoni Wolf returning to the rapping of earlier Why? records with his voice finding itself in-between awkward spoken word and hip hop drawl, that was lacking from 2009?s previous release Eskimo Snow.

Though it?s not long before we are straight back into Eskimo Snow territory, as For Someone proves with its familiar xylophone melody, and Yoni?s spoken word verse, sung chorus that was so prevalent on the bands previous release.

Whilst Probable Cause, a brief tale of being pulled over by a ?state trooper guy? barely makes it past the one-minute mark and leaves little in the way of a lasting impression. It?s clear the majority of the tracks on Sod in the Seed are nothing more than the off cuts from the Mumps, etc sessions, with this probably being the most likely reason in the lacklustre confessional of final track Shag Carpet,

Starting off promisingly enough, Sod in the Seed quickly shows itself to be little more than a warm up for the forthcoming Mumps, etc, and while ultimately disappointing, it does leave us with a track that?ll go down as one of the bands career highlight.