We Were Promised – Jetpacks Medicine

September 7, 2011 by  

We have probably all seen at least one cheesy television advert promoting Scotland as a holiday destination. The kind of advert that points out the idilic, peaceful and beautiful countryside belonging to our neighbours north of the border, but if we are being totally honest all of that tranquility seems, well, a little…boring.

Over the past few years bands like Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic and Frightened Rabbit have been re-drawing the map as we know it replacing the peaceful countryside and sound of chirping birds with good old rock n? roll and enough growling guitar riffs to leave unfortunate bird watchers shaking in their oversized raincoats.

We Were Promised Jetpacks are the latest band to join the Scottish tour de force of indie-rock music. Medicine is the second single from the band?s sophomore album and it could be just what the doctor ordered for music fans suffering from a case of indie-rock deprivation.

The track kicks in with an injection of emotive, driven guitar pop accompanied by Franz Ferdinand style vocal progressions. The quartet demonstrate the ability to to marry tough riffs to Adam Thompson?s vulnerable warble before it eventually breaks down to a raw chiming guitar and crashing drum beat.

However, Medicine is not just a repeat prescription of debut album These Four Walls it brings something new to the table. Although the track acts as a perfect bridge between the sound of the debut release and this second album it also showcases a newfound confidence and self belief that reverberates throughout.

So while Biffy?s throne is not likely to be threatened in the immediate future, WWPJ have certainly stated their intent to compete with Scotland?s genre champions.