Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk (Kitsune/Glassnote) 23/11/09

November 27, 2009 by  


Bangor boys Two Door Cinema Club have mastered the art of carefully tailored indie rock. That?s probably both the best and worst thing you can say about ?I Can Talk?. The worst is that it is electro hghway thievery of the highest order.

Energetic, pacy and squeezing an awful lot into 2.51, ?I Can Talk? is very easy to listen to, a perfect track to have on the radio in the background. Best to leave it there though, as closer inspection reveals exactly why it seems to work so well; it has done so before.

How nobody at Kitsune/Glassnote didn?t turn around at some point during the mixing and say ?Foals are going to sue us blind? is mystifying. And pillaged from one song in particular too! Two Door Cinema Club have taken the tempo, the effect-laden ?ooh ahhh ahh? vocals, and almost the exact riff from Foals? brilliant ?Hummer?.

Admittedly, they?ve not butchered it completely, but you have to feel that if you?re going to steal so blatantly, they could at least wear short shorts, grow seedy moustaches and dance like epileptic robots to make the cover band thing official.


-1 star for copying