Trophy Wife ? The Quiet Earth /White Horses (Moshi Moshi)

March 12, 2011 by  

Oxford?s indie darlings, Trophy Wife, release their new double A sided single The ‘Quiet Earth/ White Horses’, which follows theie twinkling debut ‘Microlite’ on Moshi Moshi Records

Trophy Wife has earlier described their sound as ?ambition less office disco?, which is nonsense as their music reflects an abstract and dreamy soundscape with rhythmic harmonies and brooding guitars. ‘The quiet earth’, is less glossier and sharper than ‘Microlite’, and draws a clear resemblance to Foals? ‘Total Life Forever’, with its distant melancholic elements. And with this in mind, it?s easy to see why Foals picked the trio as one of their main support acts on their autumn tour last year.

B-side ‘White Horses’ is a downbeat, beautiful and staggering track, with gently sparse and toe tapping drum and basslines. To add to its many strengths, lead singer Jody Prewett?s fragile and echoing vocals create a heartfelt momentum of emotions, waves and moods.

The EP as a whole is more mellow, chilling and isolated than euphoric, but it still has a human warmth and depth to it.

Trophy Wife is still a young and fresh band, with only two releases, but what they?ve produced so far is atmospheric and edgy enough to keep me interested in what they?ve got to offer next. ‘The Quiet Earth/White Horses? may not be ground breaking, but it?s a captivating and minimalistic voyage.