The Twang ? Barney Rubble (b-unique) 13/07/2009

July 15, 2009 by  

The Twats

Brummie lads The Twang are set to return this year with new album Jewellery Quarter, but before they do they are releasing a taster in the shape of Barney Rubble. The problem with The Twang is that they?ve always sounded like a goby older brother singing covers of his Shine Four album, and Barney Rubble is no different. Although musically adept there is very little originality on display. The lead lines are John Squire-esque as usual, the harmonies are mashed together from old Flowered Up records, and on this particular song they heavily sample Zki & Dobre?s ?Give It Up? which was made famous by Simply Red?s ?90s hit ?Fairground?.

So all?s that?s left to try and give this record an ounce of originality is Phil Etheridge vocals. Unfortunately he still sounds like he?s just walked of the estate, but without the Liam Gallagher snarl. The lyrics are more polished than previous efforts, but do little to inspire and rhyming Barney Rubble with Trouble is hardly groundbreaking.

Barney Rubble is by no means a bad record, it?s the fact it?s just an amalgamation of old Brit-Pop records that makes it such a disappointment.


By Chris Cummins