The Subways – We Don?t Need Money to Have a Good Time

October 3, 2011 by  

The Subways fail to disappear, as soon as they think they have vanished, they jump out of the radio screaming ?bla bla bla?. As if they are still the most exciting band out of Welwyn Garden City. Well this actually still may be true. But are the Subways still relevant five years on from their vibrant debut?

Not really, they are pretty much still in a time vortex where they are making tunes that sound great at the high school prom, but in the hungover light of day, the lyrics are as clumsy as ever and this single is just too sonically obvious! Part Green Day part Von Bondies, zero originality. It is at least fun for the three minutes it plays for, but when will bands learn that repeating ?come on? doesn?t automatically equal a hit chorus?

This maybe the final chance for The Subways to regain some of the lost ground from their last album. Some neat hooks, but the lyrical genius of Avril Lavirgne. Time for a change.