The Soft Pack ? Answer To Yourself (Kemado/Heavenly) 02/11/2009

November 3, 2009 by  


San Diego ruffians The Soft Pack are starting to make a name for themselves after a bit of a rough start. Calling your band The Muslims was never going to make things easy, especially in the good ?ole US of A. A new name was a new beginning and things have started to come together. Their latest single, ?Answer To Yourself? is certainly going to help things along nicely.

Typically uplifting rock with a punky edge, ?Answer To Yourself? pounds along, all edges and gloriously unrestrained noise. Matt Lamkin?s half-drawl, half-rasp is a perfect fit for the chaos and he managers to sound like he?s sneering even while singing such lines as ?Yeah, you?re more talented than you know.?

The Soft Pack have supported White Lies and Friendly Fires on recent tours, and if they continue to produce music of this kind of quality, expect to see them as headliners in the near future.


By Liam Clune