The Rokettes – Burn Baby Burn (Delicious Records) 27/06/2009

June 26, 2009 by  


“Burn Baby Burn” is the debut single from East Londoners The Rokettes. And a bit of a puzzler it is too.

Opening with a cringeworthy synth straight out of The Mighty Boosh, we are then subjected to the voice of female lead El.
El has released solo material under the name Elena, but the life of me I can’t work out why. Listening to El is like listening to Cerys Matthews after 6 weeks smoking 80 a day next door to an oil refinery. You want to make her a Lemsip and forcefeed her Strepsils. No voice is that scratchy naturally.

Moving on…The band is actually not bad at all. After the comedy intro the sound broadens out into a very infectious little tune. Ben Walker deserves special mention, as his wailing guitar soars high across the generic keyboard, distracting us from El’s uninspired lyrics. “Burn burn burn, burn baby burn like a fire”. She really knows how to plumb the depths of the human condition.

Merjin Royaards provides an acceptable driving force on drums without being particularly noticeable and the end product is a song that is listenable, just.

The Rokettes may have a bright future ahead of them, it just needs El to reign in her ego and pay more attention to her lyrics than her wardrobe.


Liam Clune