The Pains of Being at Heart – (Fortuna Pop) Come Saturday 24/08/2009

September 3, 2009 by  


Back when most current indie boys were still in nappies, the scene had a very different landscape. Fueled by bands in love with fuzz and sporting healthy obsessions with dreamy pop songs that retained their integrity, the scene was a truly subversive alternative to the pop tripe of the day. Nearly 20 years on and it couldn’t be anymore different. With indie seemingly transformed into the new pop and every major snapping up as many careerist quasi-indie outfits as possible, whats left of the scene seems to have lost it’s essence.

New York’s The Pains Of being Pure At Heart have become a fuzzy beacon in the sea of musical mediocrity over the last few months. Their next single ‘Come Saturday’ taken from their self titled debut LP, is a sharp reminder of the halcyon days of early indie. Laced with pop harmonies and fuzzy guitars that rattle along at an invigorating pace, ‘Come Saturday’ is a true joy to listen to. Its tale of a lost summer and distant lover will be pulling at the heart strings of most listeners and will have them reminiscing about the summer months gone by.

If every new band spent as much time on their songwriting as The Pains of Being At Heart indie would be in a much healthier state.