The Incredible Flight Of Birdman – Where I Can’t See You/We Are Made (Wet Records) 11/01/10

November 11, 2009 by  


Cambridge/Colchester quartet The Incredible Flight of Birdman have no desire to please the masses. ?We find out what the public want,? says singer Nick Osbourne, ?Then we do our best to disappoint them!? With the release of their debut sible, ?Where I Can?t See You/We Are Made?, it seems that the band won?t completely succeed in that aim.

Their sound is going to divide those who listen. On one hand, it is simple, inoffensive and organic. No-one could possibly say that this band don?t know how to make music. On the other, some may label it a little out-dated, lacking the bells, whistles and complicated production that is the lynchpin of today?s music industry. And they don?t use synthesizers.

?Where I Can?t See You? is an inoffensive number along the lines of a more downbeat and interesting Snow Patrol. You know the sort of thing, if it was on you wouldn?t switch the radio off, but neither would you be on the phone to the studio anxious to find out who it was. For such an outlandishly named band, their sound is rather innocuous.

Second track ?We Are Made? is a mid-paced ramble along a path flavoured by 80?s pop-rock. Think a more relaxed The Jam, without the distinctive Weller vocals and organ melodies. It?s completely likeable, but unlikely to bowl anyone over, especially today?s Passion Pit and Temper Trap craving scene kids.

Their weakness is also their biggest strength. In an increasing homogenous music industry, The Incredible Flight of Birdman are doing things a little differently. It remains to be seen whether this approach will see them soar to new heights, or find them guilty of having all their eggs in one basket (ouch, I know!)


Liam Clune