The History of Apple Pie ? You?re so Cool (Roundtable)

July 8, 2011 by  

Remember the scene in the first American Pie movie when Jim asks his buddies what third base feels like. To which Oz replies, like warm apple pie, (spoiler alert) leading to a memorable scene with a pie.

The movie centres on the themes of life, loss and regret and that?s where this new fresh faced quintet from East London comes in. The History of Apple Pie?s debut track ?You?re So Cool? with Jerome?s fuzzy guitar chords wrapped around Stephanie?s sweet vocals, evokes lost youth, hazy summers and first love.

It?s a catchy love song that could soundtrack any future teen comedy but which also wears it?s lo fi credibility proudly on its sleeve.

It?s just like a slice of warm apple pie.

With THOAP bucking Yuck?s trend of 90?s nostalgia this summer looks to be set for a nu-grunge revival.