The Hickey Underworld – Mystery Bruise (Naive) 29/06/2009

July 4, 2009 by  

hichey underworld

Is it just me or is Belgium normally perceived as being a land of, well, nothing of any interest. So how they?ve managed to produce a band which sound like the reincarnation of At The Drive In, is beyond me . The Hickey Underworld, hail from the unlikeliest of places Antwerp, and yet somehow have been brought up on a diet of hardcore punk and alternative rock.

Their debut single ?Mystery Bruise?, opens up with a scratchy telecaster riff, before the rest of the band crash in like uninvited guests. Younas Faltakh sounds like he?s been on one too many binges and sings every word like it?s his last breath. The rest of the band sound like three musicians fighting it out for their space on the record, yet out of this chaos comes a brilliant indie rock song.

If the Hickey Underworld continue to produce such great bursts of chaotic noise, they could easily be Belgium?s finest export.


By Chris Cummins