The Dum Dum Girls – JAIL LA LA (Sub Pop) 15/02/2009

February 17, 2010 by  

The Dum Dum Girls are another one of those fuzzy sounding American indie bands that reference every anorak indie band to use a distortion pedal and jangly guitars in the ’80s ? perfect.

Like The Pains of being Pure at Heart and The Vivian Girls, their sound’s most endearing quality is its effortlessness. Throughout, waves of distortion flood the barely inaudible vocal harmonies to create the classic garage rock meets dream pop sound of the anorak Scene. Any notion of immediacy has been left behind and the song’s abrupt end will have you reaching for the replay button, but of course if you’re not a fan of the whole C86 scene then it’ll be straight in the bin.

Underneath all the fuzz there is a supposed narrative, but who has time for that nonsense anyway? Instead, just let the fuzz overwhelm and the harmonies engulf you in this droning two minutes of jangly fuzz.