Summer Camp – Young EP (Moshi Moshi) 06/09/2010

October 11, 2010 by  

Beginning with a twee indie song, that contains the pulling power of Springsteen?s Born To Run, this EP is a real geek?s feat. Yet somehow Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey have a quirky charm that makes their EP ?Young? begin with warmth and romance to push you through…if only just.

The said song, ?Round The Moon?, fizzes and pinball fires across your head space, with its kitsch electro drum beat sitting under the ?we danced all night and we held each other tight til the morning light? echo, through to its driving climax.

?Was It Worth It? however, is possibly too simple, and almost leaves you begging that very question, but is thankfully recovered with the slower (yet more effective) swoon of ?Veronica Sawyer?. A lo-fi dream sound which dips it?s toe into – dare I say – RnB territory, but it’s delicate enough to keep it ?real?. Half way through the EP there?s an unfortunate realisation that Warmsley and Sankey could have been onto a winner here, and although nothing is that bad the record just doesn?t blow you away.

Maybe blow you away would be an exaggeration for the lo-fi, but when you look at the master class of space in the XX debut, and how simple can be more than effective, ?Young? can – if at least at times – appear well…lazy.

The jerky theme tune like sound of ?Ghost Train? comes close, but nothing really matches the interesting ?Round The Moon?, and if taken on it?s own with ?Ghost Town? as a possible B side, it would be a 4.5 star single. But as it isn?t?