Starsailor ? All the Plans (Virgin Records) 22/06/2009

June 30, 2009 by  

starsailor all the plans thumb

This single is the title track from Starsailor?s well-received fourth album. Eagerly anticipated by their modest yet loyal fan-base, this is sure to placate with its comforting tones. Recent collaborations with Ronnie Wood and Brandon Flowers don?t seem to have been able to drag this band far enough out of their comfort zone to have any real impact ? and certainly not so on this track, with its constant, hazy backwash of standard Starsailor chord progressions. It?s not amazingly catchy, but it?s not an assault to the ears either. Its epic presentation is admirable but the ambition isn?t quite matched by an anti-climactic chorus that hovers rather than soars and a set of predictable, safe lyrics that aren?t personal enough to connect with nor universal enough to adopt as your own.

This single reminds me of a showboating Robbie Williams covering a forgettable James B-side – reassuringly Starsailor-ish but not their best and certainly no ?Four to the Floor?. I don?t know how well it will go down with this summer?s demanding and fickle festival crowds (e.g. me) but the fans will love it.


By Angela Slater