Royksopp ? This Must Be It (Wall of Sound) 26/10/2009

November 3, 2009 by  


Royksopp have fallen off the radar in recent times. Their brand of simple but trippy electronica seems to have fallen somewhat out of favour with those who dance like drunken robots. Perhaps with this in mind the boys have enlisted the help of fellow Scandinavian and everyone?s favourite lunatic Karin Dreijer Andersson for new single ?This Must Be It?

It?s a good move, as The Knife and Fever Ray frontwoman?s vocals are all that prevent this track from being tossed in the reject pile out of hand. The beat is unremarkable, the melody is simplistic and repetitive and there?s no real originality on show. Originality is something Andersson has in truckloads, and the only part of this song to stick in the mind are her mournful vocals, which are at times breathy and ethereal and at others harsh and strident – pure class. Let?s hope she focuses on her own music now, rather than saving other peoples.


By Liam Clune