Red Light Company – Meccano (Lavolta) 17/08/09

August 17, 2009 by  


This is not the time to be putting up Christmas trees, although it feels that way listening to Red Light Company?s Meccano intro. With a xylophone pinging chime, it?s not hard to believe a remake of Jingle Bells will be jumping into your ear hole right about now. Seven seconds later electric guitars release a noise explosion followed by frontman Richard Frenneaux urging us to ?listen to the things we sa-ay?.

This is a poptastic rocking tune which will have crowds knocking themselves out. At times it seems more like a religious plea with Meccano as the sacred toy we are all searching for; maybe a metaphor for finding our place in this big wide world. Whatever it is, it will probably have some mystical effect on the success of Red Light Company sometime very soon.


By Halina Watts