People In Planes – Mayday (Wind Up) 08/06/2009

June 7, 2009 by  


People In Planes, certainly seem to know their rock music reference points. On their new single
Mayday, pronounced M?aidez apparently, there is musical references to everyone from Pearl
to Jimmy Eat World and then back again to Rage Against The Machine. A heady cocktail of musical influences you say, but unfortunately it?s one that seems to have left out the tequila and opted for a watered down shot of Archers. As we have already seen this year with White Lies, such blatant allusion to past greats, often leads to the destruction of everything that made those bands so great in the first place.

Mayday is no exception to the rule. The choruses are clich?, the key changes are obvious and the production is so polished that any ounce of soul or grit has been completely stripped from the record. But if the above mentioned bands are your kind of thing and you haven?t bought a record since 2002, then I?m sure you?re going to love it.