Paul Steel – In A Coma (EMI Japan) 06/07/2009

July 4, 2009 by  


Paul Steel is a pretty unassuming name for such a musically eccentric artist to go by. The singer songwriter’s latest offering ?In A Coma? is a brilliant psychedelic pop tune which sounds like Elvis Costello and The Beach Boys singing covers from Elton John?s Yellow Brick Road album. As we’ve come to expect from Paul the song is an eclectic mix of pianos, hand claps, hospital equipment and that great instrument of psychedelic music, the Theremin.

Paul?s strange vocals and cryptic lyrics fit the eccentric musical backdrop perfectly, and the song is full of catchy upbeat vocal hooks. However, if your dad was more into Led Zeppelin than The Beach Boys all of this is probably making you feel sick right now. For the rest of us Paul is as close to Brian Wilson as you?ll find these days. So for fans of the original it couldn?t be better, just don?t expect anything new.


By Chris Cummins