Othello Woolf – Doorstep/’Deep Water (Young and Lost Club)

July 12, 2010 by  

Sophisticated funk pop and an obvious love of Prince are evident in young London lad Othello Woolf?s sound, which shouldn?t work in this day and age. But then you look at a current white boy funk scene that includes Golden Silvers and you begin to appreciate its relevance today.

Taking Mr Woolf on the one side, we have the unfortunately dreary Deep Water. Possibly a rejected Scissor Sisters B-Side, its early potential for a neat little track is soon dismissed as it never progresses into anything as interesting as his first single, the brilliant Stand.

However, if we treat this as his very own B-Side then we can forgive him, as a potential star with Doorstep, definitely a step in the right direction. It?s everything that Deep Water isn?t, a funky pop song, which oozes charisma, Othello Woolf?s charisma. Romantic neo soul in an electro bubble, with a near perfect production – Prince would be proud.

Get Doorstep, then save yourself 79p – or your illegal download capabilities (you naughty things) – and use it on Stand, and let your neo-soul go.

Doorstep – [rating:4]

Deep Water – [rating: 1]

Released 5th July