Official Secrets Act – The Girl From The BBC (One Little Indian) 09/03/09

April 9, 2009 by  


‘The Girl From The BBC’ sounds like the beginning of a good little song. A big sunny guitar hook opens things up, while Thomas Burke’s high voice lounges all over the place. “When summer comes, we’ll go to Paris or Rome”, he sings, and it is easy to be swept away by the warm wistful feeling meshed into the sound. Unfortunately, the song seems to run out of steam halfway through. The lyrics don’t progress any further, and the at-first charming “doo-do-doo” chorus begins to sound a little lazy.

B-side ‘Something That You Want’ is a more moody and vital musical moment, with a menacing bassline offset by high howling backing vocals. There is enough here to expect a lot more to come from Official Secrets Act, and, considering the title, expect to hear this a lot on Radio One.

By Liam Clune