Niki & the Dove ? DJ, Ease My Mind (Mercury)

March 19, 2012 by  

I recall when I first heard about Swedish electro-pop duo Niki & the Dove; I couldn?t help but think of them in comparison to British acts Florence & the Machine and Marina & the Diamonds, as they saw the continuation of the trend; a female name followed by a seemingly random object (or in this case a bird). Luckily, Niki & the Dove sound absolutely nothing like the dross-pop peddled by the other two artists and instead create music with a similar sort of grand scope to Florence, but with a hell of a lot more oomph, a far more pleasant voice and some impeccably intricate, yet radio 1 friendly pop songs.

DJ, Ease my Mind is unequivocally one of the group?s standout tracks. Originally put out by Moshi Moshi as a physical single a year or so ago (which was incidentally backed with a superb a cappela version, truly showcasing Malin Dahlstr?m?s raw and beautiful vocal ability) the track has rightfully been re-released with a big budget video and the intention to tear up the radio airwaves and the clubs. The song itself sees Malin guiding the listener through her own emphatic catharsis from the perils of modern life pleading ?Take me downtown, I want to forget, I want lights to blind me? before erupting into a plea towards the DJ to ease her mind with her favourite song, atop clashing tribal drums. Throw in a bit of non-wankery club-synth trickery and the notion of a dark undercurrent to the track, and you?ve got yourself fully primed and accessible monster of a song.

Couple this with yet more extremely promising early material, and the duo?s forthcoming album ?Instinct? should certainly be one to ease your mind or just make you throw your body about without a care in the world.