Mogwai ? Earth Division (Rock Action)

September 19, 2011 by  

After the earlier release of this years well received full length, ?Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will,? the Scottish band come up with this 4 track EP, Earth Division. An EP supposedly comprised of tracks that didn?t quite make the final album cut.

The EP opens with the ambient ?Get to France,? a track that feels like it has been penned with a film soundtrack firmly in mind, with its melancholy strings and haunting melodic piano lines.

Whilst ?Hound of Winter? showcases the bands often-unused vocals talents, alongside acoustic guitars and meandering piano but which ultimately never feels like it reaches the conclusion to which it was leading, and is the only disappointment on the record.

Luckily, what follows is the brilliantly titled ?Drunk and Crazy,? the EP?s highlight and the track that feels most comparable to that of HWNDBYW. Moving along with its noisy, pulsating synths before giving way to eerie like violins only for those static synths to kick right back in.

Closing on ?Does this Always Happen?, consisting of a repeated guitar line that is slowly engulfed by violins and melancholic piano tinkling away. Its similarities to that of the EP?s opener help create a nice bookend for this rather fleeting EP.

The four tracks that make up Earth Division are far from cast offs retrieved from the cutting room floor, but help showcase Mogwai?s ability to experiment, with the band continuing to move into more electronic territory, whilst still keeping within the boundaries of what it is that draws in the bands audience.