Marina And The Diamonds – Hollywood (679) 01/02/2010

February 2, 2010 by  

So this is it then, that single, you know the one, I think it’s called a ‘breakthrough’ or in business terms lets plug the shit out of this until it’s so engrained on everyone’s brain they’re compelled to buy it no matter what they think. So if you don’t actually partake in modern society please read on, for those that do you’ve probably already gone out and bought this or driven yourself mad trying to avoid it.

‘Hollywood’ is a cross-over tune, but from where it is crossing over from is not quite clear. Marina’s previous singles have not been exactly alternative just slightly off-kilter, which is all well and good when sung from such a celestial vessel, but the whole thing just seems to have an air of Little Boots or Noisettes about it ? it’s just pop!

But this is pop in a good way, I suppose. Marina does have a grasp on her narrative and with all the, you guessed it, Hollywood style production the song leaps of the stylus and becomes its own cinematic piece. Add to this one of those incessantly catchy hooks that have major record labels salivating at the fangs, it looks like Hollywood will be around for ages.