Little Boots – Remedy (Atlantic) 17/08/2009

August 28, 2009 by  


The diminutive little boots was quite possibly the most hyped artist at the start of 2009. Along with La Roux she was set to lead the elctro-pop diva revolution, dispelling boys with guitars to the bedrooms of awkward teenagers for good. Yet, despite all the hype, and there was a lot, her debut album fell out of the charts within a week and now finds itself destined for the vacuous musical chasm that is the ?2.99 indie-bin.

The title of her album rescue attempt could not be more apt. Remedy, is the next single to be taken of hands and unfortunately for the Blackpoolian it will do little to remedy flagging album sales. Victroria Hesketh said of the song that she ?wanted to write a really dark dance pop song a bit like ?Toxic? by Britney?, the result is a song, like ?Toxic?, which is clearly aimed at your average G-A-Y clubber. The synths are as camp as they come and the lyrics are cliched and banal, ? Move whilst your watching me, dance with the enemy, here is my remedy? yelps Victoria in a futuristic drone. A combination which is unlikely to persuade what?s left of the record buying public to part with their money.

Hype can be a dangerous thing especially when you haven?t got the songs to back it up with. Already now on her second attempt at pop domination, hopefully it will be third time lucky.