Little Boots – New In Town (679/Atlantic) 25/05/09

June 13, 2009 by  


Blackpool’s most famous pop munchkin Little Boots is one of those acts heavily tipped by the great and good to be everywhere this summer. Victoria Hesketh is certainly talented, and by all accounts she’s a pretty good hand at remixes, but it seems like her music is the point at which an indie-pop crossover becomes just plain pop.

“New In Town” is Little Boots’ debut, a song about the excitement of new places and new experiences which was written on a visit to LA. It sounds more like the giddy thrill of a schoolgirl seeing the bright lights of America for the first time. Based around a simple but catchy chorus, the song is a collection of base synthesizer tones and high-pitched electronic beeps underneath Hesketh’s pleasant but unremarkable voice. A lot has been made of her style and flair, but this single could have been churned out by any number of equally talented, less hyped songstels.

Producer Greg Kirstin’s influence is obvious. Kirstin has worked with Lily Allen and Kylie Minogue and he knows what sells. It all feels a little gushing and self-congratulatory. Hopefully after this single worms its way into the top 20, we may be treated to a glimpse of the real Victoria Hesketh.


Liam Clune