La Shark – Mr Modern Man

May 7, 2012 by  

I don?t understand why La Shark aren?t everywhere by now. This band is the most exciting thing to come out of New Cross since ?Club Sandwich? (the local school disco) and for those that don?t know, that is a statement of big proportions.

The charismatic frontman, Sam Deschamps, is what gives the band its edge. His bizarre energetic performances and eccentric Lydon-esque vocals make for captivating viewing. Unfortunately, the same energy is difficult to translate when it?s recorded. If I hadn?t seen them live first I might just think they were another one of those vaguely annoying Shoreditch bands that peaked in 2007 and are still dragging on in hope. But no, they?re genuinely very good.

Their new single ?Mr Modern Man? is a brilliant track, and it?s incredibly infectious. Sam?s lyrics are simple but convincing. He goes ?I just wanna meet the perfect man/meet the perfect man/you bet I do? and his bouncy vocals sound so charmingly contagious it makes you want to shout back at him ?So do I. SO DO I!?

It?s a mishmash of genres ? somewhere between indie, pop, punk, 80s, a bit prog-rock in places ? and it?s characteristically unhinged. Especially when it flips over towards to end and comes in with all this dreamy keyboard and Sam starts speaking like he?s just stepped out of Pavement – ?You met in a multi-sex salon/and you held hands as the bleach did damage/to sensitive scalps/or maybe on an easy jet flight.?

All in all, it is an invigorating and hooky track that makes you want to go out and do things.