Kyla La Grange ? Been Better (Chess Club)

July 15, 2011 by  

Kyla La Grange is something of an anomaly. If you are not afraid of cheap puns you might even go as far as saying ?Kyla La Strange? would be a more fitting title. Don?t get me wrong this is actually meant as a compliment.

When you first listen to ?Been Better?, once all of the grandiose and drama of the opening guitar riff has subsided you will be struck by ?The Voice?. It is so powerful I felt the need to use capitalization. Imagine Florence (of Florence and the Machine) with the added twang of Pixie Lott and you get Kyla La Grange.

How is she any different from all the other female vocalists in the charts at the moment? I hear you ask. Well, her songs are more poignant than Pixie and she lacks the pretense of Florence but this does not dull or diminish her music in-fact it makes it more compelling.

The latest single ?Been Better? opens with a wailing guitar riff before it fades to the background only to be replaced by a soulful, chanting chorus with gospel-esque intensity.

The track builds before reaching an epic crescendo bursting with siren style howls, cutting guitar riffs and impassioned chanting.

She is a folk songstress with an electric kick, the perfect balance of vulnerability and power. This is no Rebecca Black; so don?t expect any empty auto-tuned pop any time soon. What you should expect is an angsty anthem with the potential to bring sold-out stadiums to their knees.