Kid Adrift – Oxytocin EP (Island) 12/07/2010

July 20, 2010 by  

If Muse are too ?epic? for your tastes, and dub-step is just a bit too… well… crap, then you might want to give Kid Adrift a go.

Hotly tipped by many, this plucky Scot Iain Campbell is picking up legions of fans on the small stages on this years festival slog.

Oxytocin, the lead single off his latest EP is undergound going overground. Starting with the fuzzy electro hook before the bombastic drum beats drop, it all starts a bit murky before shade meets light as a flurry of highly strung strings meander through the blipping and buzzing that bubbles below the Matt Bellamy?esque vocals.

Track two goes a bit dancy, as bold as you?d imagine a Prodigy opera (now there?s an idea!) could be, with strange Hip Hop beats interspersed throughout, and track three is a visceral dub heavy number, showing that it indeed it can be done well, but the money shot is the title track.

The truly grandiose scale of Oxytocin suggests that one day the festival slog could well be worth it, as it deserves to be played to the masses.

[rating: 4]