Katy B – Witches Brew

September 4, 2011 by  

Witches Brew is the latest single from genre mashing songstress Katy B?s debut album On A Mission. Unfortunately, it appears that a few more potion lessons are in order as Witches Brew neither enchants or impresses.

Musically the track is solid. Katy?s waif-like vocals are accompanied by a fluctuating techno beat and pattering drums. The chorus demonstrates her ability to write a catchy hook with consummate ease; just what we have come to expect from the Mercury Prize nominated artist. However, these efforts are undermined by less affecting passages.

Witches Brew is easy to listen to but it lacks the fizz of Katy On A Mission. The clear dubstep beat, echoing vocals and all the other elements from Katy?s debut single are present and correct they just appear diluted, like listening to a song underwater.

A minor bump in the road, Witches Brew is unlikely to stall Katy B?s meteoric rise to stardom but the UK singer-songwriter didn?t quite manage to cast her spell over us this time.