Jens Lekman – An Argument with Myself (Secretly Canadian)

October 25, 2011 by  

It seems like years since hearing anything from this Swedish songwriter. That?s mainly down to the the fact it really has been 4 years since his last album. But rumours of being trapped in a northern Stockholm snow drift have been put to bed with the release of a new spritely single.

It?s very much what is to be expected from Lekman, the wit, the charm and a timeless quality. He brings nostalgia to the modern times; like a time traveller who has left a copy of post modernism behind in the 60s. The smooth vibe and the self-depreciating humour, blends together as easy as bourbon and Coke (other colas are available). The only flaw is that it seems that In his absence, he hasn?t exactly evolved away from ?Night Falls Over Kortedalla? except those South African ?Graceland? licks that are so darn popular these days.

A welcome comeback from the Gothenburg local, thank goodness he decided that bingo calling wasn?t his actual, um, calling!