ExLovers ? Photobooth/Weightless (Young and Lost Club) 06th April 09

April 15, 2009 by  


ExLovers? ?Photobooth? is a wonderful piece of work from a band that has been together little more than a year. Opening with a jangling, languid guitar riff, the song bounces along at a decent rate as it mixes sugary vocals with melancholic riffs.

It is the vocals that are ExLovers trademark and their greatest strength. The duel boy/girl sound is expertly harmonised, something especially noticeable during the chorus, which will stick in your head for days.

Second A-side ?Weightless? demonstrates their range and depth. It is not as colourful or as immediately memorable as ?Photobooth?. In fact, it is dark, brooding and a little sullen. The repetitive piano and crashing percussion almost drown out the vocals completely at times, grievously damaging the overall sound.

This release should be one you actively hunt down. ?Photobooth? is as close to indie-pop perfection as has been heard in a long, long time. Keep an eye on ExLovers, it could well be their year.
Liam Clune