Everything Everything – My Keys Your Boyfriend (Young and Lost Club) 05/10/2009

October 4, 2009 by  

everything everything

There surely has to be a point when you say enough is enough. There are only so many elements and instruments you can fit into three and half minutes of coherent and listenable pop, before it just turns into something resembling difficult jazz. Clearly trying to contest this simple notion of common sense are Manchester’s Everything Evrything.

Taking their name as a statement of intent, they try and pack as many disparate elements and musical ideas they can into their latest single My Keys Your Boyfriend. Unbelievably, it kind of works. The track opens with a typically Manc Guy Garvey howl accompanied by a string quartet, lulling you into a disappointing sense of ‘here we go again, more dreary northern indie’. Yet before you have a chance to reach over and press the eject button a funky beat and ’80s synth drops in completely twisting the tune, and before you can make sense of it all it disappears leaving just a dysfunctional Jazz groove, only to return sporadically throughout.

This level of unpredictability and use of wide reaching influences makes My Keys Your Boyfriend a stargely compelling listen. I can’t wait to here what they’re going to come up with for their album


By Chris Cummins