Century Man ? Marauder (Unsigned)

May 20, 2009 by  


What do you think of when somebody mentions ?Cheltenham??

Racing? Top-hatted toffs quaffing champagne and laughing shrilly? Maybe the more musically knowledgeable of you think of Brian Jones? Century Man?s ‘Marauder’ is certainly going to make you reappraise the place.

Produced by Matt Terry, after his work with The Enemy, ‘Marauder’ is a blast of noise and force from four passionate young men with energy to spare. And there is a LOT of energy. Think of The Enemy at their most powerful, turn up the distortion and exchange the Coventry mumble for the appealing voice of Craig Fish.

Rolling drums introduce aggressive guitars, before making way for a slightly unintelligible chorus. Still, it sounds pretty good anyway.

If a fault is to be found, it is that there is the feeling that the boys found an interesting word in the dictionary and then set out to write a song about it. This is a minor grumble though, as the music is a breath of fresh air, vital and visceral. A bit more practice in the song-writing department and Century Man may seriously threaten some mainstream success.

You?ll never think of Cheltenham the same way again?

By Liam Clune