Bloc Party ? One More Chance (Witchita) 10/08/2009

August 11, 2009 by  


Bloc Party have covered a lot of ground since 2004s ?Silent Alarm?. Gone are the jagged hooks, mournful howling and perhaps some of the expectation too.

?One More Chance? is the latest single from the London quartet and it signals a further progression on the path towards total electronica. The song opens with a solid beat before being joined by a piano riff that wouldn?t sound out of place on a ?90s Ibiza compilation.

Kele?s ?Give me one more chance to love you? opening at least reassures us that Bloc Party themes of rejection and loss are still present. Some things will never change. After coming to terms with the piano, the track settles down into a pleasant but uninspiring blend of bass-heavy chorus and a New-Order style of percussion.

Whilst ?One More Chance? is a perfectly enjoyable tune, it would be a lie to say that it shows Bloc Party at their best.

Maybe one day the boys will get bored of playing with synthesizers and start to play actual music again. Until then, this will do?


Liam Clune