Biffy Clyro – The Captain (14th Floor) 26/10/2009

October 28, 2009 by  

Biffy Clyro The Captain

Just when things were starting to look good for Biffy Clyro they seem to have taken a nose-dive right into the realm of shite post-hardcore. Having recently buoyed their fan base with their previous record, Puzzle, you would expect their new material to be a continuation of their aggressive back-to-basics rock, which has proved so successful recently. Instead they have opted for a more grandiose and anthemic approach on their latest single ?The Captain? and have firmly fallen flat in the process.

Like a Muse rock opera directed by My Chemical Romance, ‘The Captain’ is a cringe-worthy three and half minutes of operatic rock complete with ?80s hair-rock choruses. Biffy do try and hang onto their dignity with sparse bursts of noise, but these moments of rock-serenity are eclipsed by the embarrassingly out of place horn section.

If this is an accurate indication of their new album it will probably undo all the hard work they put in over the festival season.

[rating: 1.5]

By Chris Cummins