Beth Ditto – Beth Ditto EP (Deconstruction)

March 16, 2011 by  

Beth Ditto is quite a formidable lady. After fronting the critically-acclaimed trio, Gossip, and becoming a global fashion icon, she is now breaking into the solo market with her self titled offering, Beth Ditto EP. Is there anything that this American girl can?t do?

This four-track effort is pretty impressive stuff, and although not as rocky as Gossip, it?s good in a very different way. The EP is produced by Simian Mobile Disco and it has a great dance-meets-synth sound that is reminiscent of early Madonna offerings, but with a modern, polished edge which makes for highly addictive listening.

Catchy tunes and great lyrics make for a great record. ?Open Heart Surgery? pairs old-school disco with Ditto?s superb vocals to make for a song that makes you want to dance, even though you may have to suppress the urge if sitting somewhere where dancing would be inappropriate. While ?I Wrote The Book? is a song about distrust with lyrics such as ?tell you they love you, but fail to mention who they were with again last night.?

If you?re looking for some great new music with a distinctive edge, then make sure you give this a listen. All in all, a decidedly excellent solo offering.