Ash – True Love 1980 (Atomic Heart Records) 12/10/2009

October 18, 2009 by  

Ash True Love 1980

Marketing men are a funny breed of people, half torn between their own self proclaimed creativity and their intrinsic desire to create money out of thin air, their ideas often lack the creativity needed to make them ground breaking and the business sense to make them a radical concept. The latest bunch of consultants drafted into resurrect an ageing cash cow have been given the task of making a once mediocre pop-rock band, and maybe at times mildly exciting, a once again, well, mediocre chart friendly pop-rock band.

I know, just only release singles and add a load of shoddy synths on the record! Yep, that is the best the greatest brains in music marketing could come up with – mix a slightly daring business concept with a currently bloated and over-used musical concept. The result is a lifeless record that sees a band supposedly explore new ground, but reveals one which is chasing the electro-bandwagon into the next ‘futuristic’ decade.

True love 1980 is a shoddy Ash track, which has been dragged through a Yamaha keyboard backwards via some clever New Order/Depeche Mode pre-set button. If their next 25 singles are this lifeless there are going to be a few p45s handed out over the forthcoming months.