Ariel Pink?s Haunted Graffiti – Round & Round (4AD)

May 5, 2010 by  

Be warned, before you listen to this song you will probably love it and wont be able to stop listening to it. This is because it has one of those Nah Nah Nah hooks, which generally get stuck in your head for ages. To make things even catchier there is a ‘hold on I’m coming’ chorus, yes this really is that catchy.

By now you’re probably thinking ‘that sounds like appalling manufactured pop’, but this is Ariel Pink we’re dealing with – the guy who usually records on cassettes in his bedroom. Instead, its arrangement seems to of been cobbled together by best chums Toro Y Moi and Ernest Greene, before Ariel haphazardly laid down some vocals. The result is a catchy lo-fi disco-tinged song, which will fit nicely into the surge of Chillwave that will be hitting the UK this summer.