The Violet May – The Stockroom, Sheffield 13/02/2010

February 16, 2010 by  

Gigging like mad in their hometown, The Violet May have got a reputation for playing catchy, gritty numbers served up with a healthy dose of misbehaviour – and the four walls of the Stockroom buckle and heave under the strain of hosting Sheffield?s latest ?ones to watch?.

Tonight they?re opening with staple, ‘What You Say’, a pounding anthem with a teasing intro. ? The dirty, bass-heavy riffs of ?Queen Teen? are infectious, a track with a swaggering chorus that just begs to be danced to. They?ve taken to the stage quite late in the evening but it isn?t long before singer Chris McClure is swinging his mic way above his head and bouncing around amongst the growing crowd of fans who know every word. Debut single ?Bright or Better? is wonderfully loud and its searing guitar hook sounds crystal clear against McClure?s moody vocal. Due for release in April on OIW, but already a classic, this tune is destined to light up indie dance floors across the country. With its more stripped-down sound, ?TV? is a moody and minimal little interlude with a haunting refrain and some sexy 80s-tinged synths, then things get taken back up a notch as the band hurtle towards the end of their set. With its relentless beat and screeching, siren-like guitar, ?Blood is not Enough? sees band members literally climbing the walls and standing on furniture as they belt out a wall of perfect sound, and with heads rammed against the ceiling, their audience is loving every minute and left wanting more.

Live, The Violet May are noisy and melodic with just the right amount of rough around the edges. With a stack of killer tunes and a performance to match, it won?t be long before they?re filling venues everywhere ? although who knows if the buildings will still be standing at the end of the night.