The 1975 @ Borderline, London 18/02/13

February 24, 2013 by  

The1975 feat

The Manchester four piece have been a band i’ve been wanting to see live for some time. Their singles ‘The City’ and ‘Sex ‘ were in my top 50 track of 2012, so I wanted to see if they had the full package and could deliver as a live unit.

Choosing to see them during half term was a mistake. From the moment I stepped in I could not have felt more awkward, in fact the last time I felt that awkward to be at a gig was being the only straight male to see Tegan n Sara alone. Being surrounded by teenage girls sipping on cheap cider, gossiping about boys was not the usual pre gig atmosphere i’m used to. But as soon as The 1975 set foot on the stage, the girls were only after one thing, being front man Matt Healy, who clearly was loving his new found affection. Teasing the audience by hiding under a hooded jumper he would save himself until a few songs in until he stripped down to a vest for his adoring fans. How the rest of the band feel about this one sided affection to their singer was hard to tell until Healy asked a fan for her name to find out it was actually ‘Barry’ to the heightened laughter and mockery of the band.

Aside from their teen idol looks, The 1975 can play a bit, from the opening drums of ‘The City’ they were at ease, a sign that the band love the road and to play live. They can easily mix up their set from the 80s electo of ‘Money’ to the white funk of ‘Chocolate’ and still rock out to ‘Milk’ ( they do love a one word title) Healy kept on reminding us how far the band had come and how great it is to be playing a sold out gig in London, before going to to say that the album will be out late summer. He was quite the charismatic front man, and can snake his way around a microphone and shake his hips whilst playing a guitar lick. It won’t be long before they are stepping out at Koko, but their best tracks are when they move away from the Level 42 funk and towards the 80s indie anthems like ‘Sex’ ( the only track that the entire audience could sing along to ) that wouldn?t go a miss during a prom scene in a John Hughes film.

A work in progress, if they can find more tracks that can match ‘Sex’ and ‘The City’ they will be flying, as surely no one wants an 80s white funk revival especially from four lads with the worst hair cuts in rock.

Words by Francis Jolley