T H E S L O W D O W N & Little Comets @ The Garage, 19/10/11

October 31, 2011 by  

Tonight the crowd gathered to catch jaunty headliners Little Comets (pictured) at The Garage were assembled early and just in time to catch Wilmslow?s The Slowdown, first on behind other support act Yaaks.

Bathed in yellow spotlights for most of the set, The Slowdown certainly held their own, and for first onstage the group?s performance was not far off from that of a headline set.

White vest-wearing frontman Matt Healy?s vocals were faultless and his delivery, in addition to notable passion, helped to make the performance certainly memorable. The Slowdown?s rhythm section were also particularly tight and the band?s reliance on bass to support Healy?s vocal melodies certainly came across well, assisted on the night by The Garage?s booming sound system.

Having announced the end of the set, The Slowdown got the nod from the sound man to squeeze one last song in and having already motivated the audience to participate by clapping to earlier tunes, the crowd were certainly appreciative of the fact that the group weren?t exiting the stage just yet.

As The Slowdown?s drummer dropped some vaguely funky beats, the band launched into the set closer, which gave the group a chance to capitalise on their already honed and slick stage craft, before veering off piste, leaving the crowd to bathe in a wall of noise as the sound of guitars overhung. Having departed the stage, leaving the space clear for Yaaks and Little Comets to follow on, fellow onlookers were overheard praising this unknown band for such a strong set, clearly suggesting that we might just hear more from the northerners.

After a short break, Friendly Fires-esque Yaaks continued proceedings. Their mix of pounding percussion and trumpets were well received, although at times the group failed to separate themselves from a raft of other bands.

Headliners Little Comets held the audience in their palm throughout the set and for a band possibly least likely to command a mosh pit, the crowd were buoyed on as the Comets? energy transferred to the floor of the venue.

Highlights of the set included the tracks ?Joanna?, ?One Night in October? in addition to ‘Dancing Song’, which appropriately had the desired effect on the crowd as singer Robert Coles yelped out opening lyric ?this one?s for dancing?. Indeed it was, and The Garage?s crowd weren?t going to have it any other way on the night.