Reading Festival 2010, Day 3

September 8, 2010 by  

It was tough coming down on Saturday from the headliner highs, or maybe it was the Silent Disco into the wee hours after, but Readings 2010?s last hurrah was not to be forgotten.

In an attempt to embrace as much as possible, and in regret of getting up too late to see the earliest bands, I decided to wander about a bit more again on Sunday, taking in firstly this years ?what?s all the fuss about? band The Drums, who not so much answered the question but posed it. Not bad, but not worth getting out of a rain drenched sleeping bag for.

Thankfully, Nerves were the Red Bull shot kick needed, a lively bunch on the BBC stage, the rawked out raucously, and if you like that sort of thing you would have liked this! Over on the Alternative Stage, the brilliant Angelos Epithemiou, the notorious Sainsburys bag carrying nerd was making the dope smokers giggle and the drug free drunk with laughter – only three jokes but a brilliant character, who was reliant – but funny enough – on comedy timing and absurd cabaret pratting about that he really hit the spot.

Afterwards it was off to see Bloc Party?s Kele and his adoring Reading crowd. Growing up at the festival and respective of what they want, Kele?s more dancey angle proved a big hit and a few Bloc Party numbers sent a once waning crowd into delirium.

The Like had the blood rushing to the heads of the males, and the shoes shuffling of the females. They?re a ridiculously seductive group with sassy 60s Motown style songs, and even with the lead singers obvious sore throat they belted out tracks from their new album to a humble yet adoring faithful – including myself and even a few celebrity followers. Those followers even stuck around to next band Tame Impala, the young Americans taking the Jack White – Raconteurs – style of rock, yet taking a more psychedelic trip with their long rock guitar solos and distortion that powered out of just the three of them.

Meanwhile, over on the main stage, the most mellow crowd were witnessing Cypress Hill, and you would never guess why?

Skipping past the god awful racket of Exit International at the BBC stage, I caught the end of the gentlemanly Band Of Horses, with their lovely, lovely country tinged epic pop, and their appreciation of everything, from the crowd to the security guards – but you feel without the aid of what the Cypress Hill crowd were aided with.

Foals were an altogether different animal. Everyone knew they were a good band and were good live, but something clicked in that Radio 1/NME stage, and it was impossibly great. The band played tight, lead Yannis was inspirationally ferocious, and it was a headline producing performance that you just had to have been at. Unfortunate then for everyone?s funniest band We Are Scientists. Up against mad peoples favourite band Paramore and just after an exhilarating Foals assault would have been a tough gig for anyone, but the professionals they are they rip-rolled through at blistering speed and had as much fun, if not more fun as their audience. Not over-indulgent but not world beaters, just a good, solid band.

It?s difficult to sum up the headliners, as it was a choice of an over subscribed and lung crushing return for Blink 182, or an undersubscribed and insipid return for the Klaxons. As I?ve never been a big fan of American Rawk (hence missing Weezer and Limp Bizkit on this same day), I went for the latter, and much to my surprise I was happy with what I saw.

As big as Klaxons were, in a live setting they relied on gimmickry and an adoring glo-stick wielding fan base first time around. Thankfully, now headling the second biggest stage at Reading, they?ve sorted that out. No big black capes or gold trousers, no fancy dress or ponchos, they beefed up the guitars, improved the PA, and were a revelation live. Whether it?s because they?ve grown up or are just willing to better themselves who knows, but the mix of the more sophisticated rock of new tracks such as ?Same Space? and new single ?Echoes? and the louder, bolder interpretations of their rave debut songs like ?Gravitys Rainbow? or the Red Bull drinking ?Golden Skans? were a pleasant treat and satisfying conclusion to an immensely enjoyable festival.

All in all, it was a weekend where Indie couldn?t beat Rock, and Rock couldn?t beat Indie, so they joined forces and took on the weather? and Guns N Roses.. and won.