Patrick Wolf @ The Old Firestation, Bournemouth 01/11/2011

November 10, 2011 by  

Playing his first gig down in sunny Bournemouth?s new improved Firestation, Patrick Wolf left behind some of his sparkle on the hearts’ of his hardcore legion of fans down in Dorset.
Arriving on stage, bookended by miniature houses,?in a gold suit top, Wolf opened up with the big hitters ?Hard Times? and ?Time of My Life? before changing down a gear (and shedding the gold) to work on his more tender moments of the past three albums. He even treated fans to old classics like ?The Libertine? on his ukulele, which he decided whilst enjoying some fish by the sea would be the choice instrument of the evening. Wolf was on good form and there was no sign of him having one of his infamous on-stage tantrums. He was engaging, comedic and he didn?t even allow a trouser fly malfunction to upset his night. Some lucky couple even had ?The Future? dedicated to their future wedding, which got me thinking just why he has so many songs starting with ?the?!? Although he may have lacked the energy and chaos of his former tour, he made up with his sheer talent. Changing from instrument to instrument Wolf had reworked a few older songs for his harp and the newer tracks like ‘Bermondsey Street’ sounded exquisite in such an intimate setting.?

He ended his set with ?Together’ before returning in yet another costume change; this time sporting a bird of prey on his left shoulder, why not? Watching Patrick Wolf singing ?The Magical Position? a few yards from you is certainly an experience, especially when he feels the love so much he is comfortable enough to come down and dance through the audience during ?The City?.

A man with this much talent and stage craft shouldn?t really be playing to just over 100 people on a Tuesday night, but at least for the time we can enjoy the intimacy of a Wolf gig before, surely he steps up to the bigger stages.