My Tiger My Timing @ The Legion, London 15/10/2009

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My Tiger My Timing @ The Legion

Playing for a rather small, yet dedicated crowd, The New Cross based quintet (bounced off) with a “quick and cheerful” performance, which paraded their electronic pop songs at the Old Street venue. Trekking all the way from Brooklyn, New York, indie-alternative rock support-act ?The Ambassadors? and ?The Vanguard?, played their shoes off with a likeable attitude and ?newbie? charm, impossible not to be smitten of.

“The Legion” itself isn’t big enough to attract a massive crowd, which makes the dark bar comfortably intimate. With a relaxed crowd seemingly consisting mainly of acquaintances and friends of the support bands, the atmosphere was unpretentious and chilled.

With an exception of some front row female fashionistas heavily myspace pouting and recording themselves with a handy video-camera, while shouting ?Facebook!”, there were alarmingly few East End hipsters in reach that night.

?My Tiger My Timing? may be labelled as a pop band, but it offers so much more than pure and bright pop. Imagine a sparse mix of gloomy post-punk collision with light hearted euphoria-tinted ?80s synth-pop elements. Other songs hide mellow and fragile pop melodies under a layer of electronica and rough cascades of Caribbean and Plena-like rhythms. The music is never too obvious, not too intricate or difficult either. Delivering rhythmic indie-pop without being too flamboyant and predictable, the reference to last year?s math-rock hypes ?Foals? and to popsters Hot Chip is inevitable.

Firing off with the Ladyhawkish ?Ask your heart?, then continuing with their?Andy Spence(New?Young Pony Club)?produced?first released si$ngle ?This is not Fire?, they were unleashing their songs at a remarkably high tempo throughout. Instead of whipping the crowd into frenzy with their minimalistically wrapped, electro fuelled pop songs they rushed through it all way too quickly. A full on start, no ?pauses?, and, not more than 15 min later, they were off stage, before I even had time to absorb the performance or finish my cider. Oozing confidence, the sound and vocals were good, but their performance would have been a lot more charismatic if they looked less routine and had a more fiery energy on stage.

Half-hearted performance or not, they are one of the most exciting and original newcomers on the indie-pop scene at the moment, and with a brand new EP ?I am the sound?, released exclusively through Pure Groove Records earlier this week they?re definitely worth keeping an eye on in 2010.

By Cecilie Olsen

Photo – Josefine Stangberg