Hockey, Chew Lips @ Vibe Bar, London 09/07/2009

July 13, 2009 by  


As any industry simpleton can tell you, there are two reasons why a band gets signed, either they?re a truly brilliant band destined for great things or they sound/look/act like an already signed band destined for great things. Unfortunately, Hockey fall into the latter category, and have been signed-up amidst a stampede of A&R men desperate to find the next MGMT or Vampire Weekend. To be fair they?re not the only ones, The Virgins and Empire of The Sun are also guilty of coasting on the wave of last year?s American Invasion.

Before they try to prove themselves, support comes in the shape of indie-electro three piece Chew Lips. Another victim of the ?Hype Machine’, they?ve found themselves propelled into the limelight after only one single release and a handful of live dates. Yet, to watch them live you?d think had been on the circuit for much longer. Tigs? stunning voice doesn?t falter once and the rest of the band plays with the cohesion of consummate pros. ?Solo? seems to have dictated most people?s preconception of the band, yet large parts of their set are surprisingly synthesiser free, proving there?s more to them then the ?Just another Electro band? tag.

After a short interval ?Hockey? arrive on stage looking like four slackers that have just failed their first year at Uni, and get straight into their set. For the most front-man Ben Grubin?s energy bodes well with the funked-up disco indie on offer. Recent singles ?Learn To lose? and ?Too Fake?, do provide some brief memorable moments, in a set that altogether does little to inspire. Although their delivery is competent, onstage Hockey reeks of a band who found themselves in the right place at the right time. Maybe this is due to the gig being of the ?corporate? variety, but you can?t help but feel apart from the nifty moves, they don?t have the depth or the quality.

By Chris Cummins