Delphic @ The Tabernacle, London 26/01/2010

February 2, 2010 by  

With all the ‘Tips For 2010’ lists now compiled and published all that’s left is to see whether those expected to be making serious dents in the indie scene this year are up to it live. One name that consistently came near the top of every list complied was ‘Delphic’. With their album already out and with the majority of the music press heralding them as the indie band to look out for this year, expectations for tonight’s show were high.

Unfortunately, their stage presence is frustratingly underwhelming. It might just be the nature of the gig; a new to Q session, which stipulates that the Q banner is draped across the back of the stage for all to see or their relatively short time in the spotlight that is to blame. Although, in front of the banner they had arranged a collection of neon lamps that flitted between full on epilepsy inducing strobe effects to mood enhancing low lighting throughout the set. More importantly, between the light display and the banner are the band, who unfortunately adopt the common new band pose of heads down synth twiddling and guitar noodling, which leads to a sound performance but little else.

Considering Delphic are not exactly new to the live scene as individuals you would expect more, but as a group they lack the presence that is needed to deliver their album’s live potential. Tracks which you would expect to leave the packed crowd awe inspired, such as ‘Doubt’ and ‘Counterpoint’ are carefully crafted instead of unleashed, leaving a slightly detached and underwhelming feel to the whole gig.

To be fair this album was given one of its first airings in its entirety tonight and Acolyte certainly doesn’t lack the songs or the ability to move the crowd; on occasions it manages instigate some Hacienda inspired moves amongst the crowd hinting toward the band’s full potential as a live outfit.

Delphic are still clearly a work in progress and given a few more high profile performances they should feel comfortable with their new found status and deliver the performances their album promises.